The idea of the parallel universe in which a self-contained
separate reality coexists with the generally accepted known
universe is a common element of science fiction, myth and
religious systems. It also explains how a gallery of contemporary
art, known as HG (Hamill Gallery Contemporary Art), has
materialized in the space occupied by the larger, more established,
and much better known Hamill Gallery of Tribal Art in Boston.

Another explanation is that Tim Hamill has graciously offered to
allocate the main space of his tribal art gallery to his wife Bobbi for
occasional exhibitions of contemporary art.

Peter Roux:
Consider This represents our first venture into another
world, another Hamill Gallery.

Pieces large and small by Peter Roux, on paper, canvas and
panel, in a variety of media, have been exhibited in galleries
from Atlanta to Seattle but there has not been, until now, a
large scale show of his work in the Boston area.

A catalog entitled Peter Roux:
Consider This will be published
by MarkMaker Press later this year.